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There shall be no mercy for online haters

Posted June. 12, 2017 07:19,   

Updated June. 12, 2017 07:26


Kwanjeong Lee Jong-hwan (93), honorary chairman of Samyoung Chemical Group, is a well-known contributor in Korea. He established the Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, Korea’s largest provider of scholarships is dedicated to financial supports to students only and that is amount to 1 trillion won. He also generously contributed 60 billion won to build a library in Seoul National University. It was the largest amount in the history of the school in terms of personal donation. He changed his mind to contribute the money while he was planning to establish a hospital as he suffered a lot due to the illness of his second son. He almost divorced his wife due to his large donations but he was determined. His story became public through interviews and his book titled "The right path." His saying such as “Wash out the evil with the good," “I couldn’t make money like an angel, but I can spend money like an angel” reflects his philosophical view of life.

It is known that he complained to people nearby by saying that “I don’t want to face the world anymore” as he was greatly hurt by cyber bullying. Mr. Lee in his 50s, lecturer of a university in China, made defamatory remarks on Chairman Lee in his blog by calling the Chairman as a fake angel giver. Lee falsely claimed, “Lee sings a war song every day and embezzled public money for the entire of his life," pouring out war criticism against the chairman. Lee is particularly guilty in that he targeted a man of good deed who donated his entire fortune to nurture talents and that he has run the blog under a borrowed-name.

Lee was recently indicted on defamation charge and sentenced five years in prison in the first trial of jury trial. The Seoul Central District Court accepted the unanimous decision of the jury. Lee consistently played innocent instead of an apology in court. The prosecutor demanded three years in prison but the final decision was made as five out of seven jurors insisted a higher sentence.

Online haters are barbaric as they attack victims indiscriminately. Some people posted vicious replies against a woman who held the victim of sexual abuse by Choi Ho-sik, chairman of the Hosigi Double Chicken, by calling her as a gold digger. Recently, text bombs by cyber red guards who support political intents of a certain group have raised as a social issue. The cyberterrorism is like poisonous mushroom that lives off behind the freedom of speech. There shall be no mercy for online haters to preserve the true meaning of free speech.