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Dong-A Ilbo ranks 2nd for paid circulation of daily newspapers

Dong-A Ilbo ranks 2nd for paid circulation of daily newspapers

Posted June. 03, 2017 07:07,   

Updated June. 03, 2017 07:15


The Dong-A Ilbo ranked second in terms of the 2017 net paid circulation figures of daily newspapers (based on 2016) released by the Korea Audit Bureau of Certification.

The KABC held a meeting to certify and audit 23 members including total TV channels and cable TV networks for 2017 (based on 2016) and released the result. The Chosun Ilbo ranked first with its paid circulation of 1,254,297, followed by the Dong-A Ilbo with 749,414 and the JoongAng Ilbo with 719,931. It has been 14 years that the Dong-A Ilbo was certified as the second place for the first time in Korea with regard to both publication and paid circulation of Korea’s three major newspapers since it was ranked second in the category of paid circulation in 2003 (based on 2002).

According to the data of paid circulation released on the same day, the number of copies of the Chosun Ilbo has declined 12,466 from last year’s 1,266,763. As for the JoongAng Ilbo, the number has dropped 30,383 last year with 750,314 copies. Although the number of paid copies of the Dong-A Ilbo has decreased as well, it maintained the similar level by showing a slight decline of 2,374 copies from 731,788 last year. The total circulation of the Chosun Ilbo, the JoongAng Ilbo, and the Dong-A Ilbo were 1,513,073, 978,798, and 946,765, respectively.

“The total circulation refers to the net circulation of printed newspapers and paid circulation is obtained by calculating actual amount of sales,” the KABC said.

Yang-Hwan Jung ray@donga.com