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Clogged political circumstances surrounding confirmation hearings

Clogged political circumstances surrounding confirmation hearings

Posted May. 29, 2017 07:28,   

Updated May. 29, 2017 07:34


The ruling party should stay lower and the opposition party should cooperate. Choo Mi-ae, the head of the Minjoo Party, criticized the opposition party yesterday by saying, “Do not distort or complain on the good will of the president.” She also said, “Hoping that it is not a politically motivated action to deface the president.” Her comment aimed at the opposition party who interfered the confirmation hearing on Prime Minister-nominee Lee Nak-yeon by raising issues such as false resident registration and others. It appears that her comment was not came from the Minjoo Party but it is considerably worrisome as such reaction may hinder a good start of the new administration.

The Moon administration, who fails to launch its first cabinet, may feel troubled as the confirmation hearing on the Prime Minister nominee took the ground from the beginning. Furthermore, other high-level government officer nominees including Kang Kyung-hwa for foreign minister and Kim Sang-jo for head of Fair Trade Commission are caught up in controversy due to false resident registration. There is no guarantee that similar issues may arise on the following appointments. Another concern is to whether or not the president should apologize as requested by the opposition party this time whenever such problems occur.

President Moon Jae-in and the ruling party should stay low and make efforts to persuade the opposition party especially in times like this. The Presidential Chief of Staff Lim Jong-seok apologized on Friday for the failure to meet the expectation of the public with regard to the personnel management of the new government and Woo Won-sik, floor leader of the Minjoo Party lowered his head yesterday and said he looked over the offensive stance of his party during the former Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye administrations. Their comments can be viewed in this context. Considering that, Rep. Choo’s mention is nothing more than putting a damper on such mood.

President Moon made an unaffected and fresh move after taking office by going for a walk with his staffs and having coffee. People began to compare him with former U.S. President Barack Obama and foreign press dubbed him as Moon-bama. It is the time that such effort to communicate with others should be extended to the National Assembly and the opposition party. Former President Obama did not hesitate to make phone calls to lawmakers to seek support and visit the parliament for persuasion. President’s expression‎ of regret is worth trying. President moon said the selection criteria of the high-level officials for his administration by himself. Thus, there is also a need to ask for understanding.

The first provisional session of the National Assembly starts today since the launch of the new administration. As the opposition party is now a majority, cooperation between the ruling party and opposition party is definitely needed. The president and ruling party should make efforts first but the opposition party should also cooperate with the ruling party if needed in the early days of the new government. If the opposition party constantly rejects the request of the ruling party with a low profile, the public will never accept that.