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Melania and Ivanka Trump do not wear hijab in Saudi Arabia visit

Melania and Ivanka Trump do not wear hijab in Saudi Arabia visit

Posted May. 22, 2017 07:22,   

Updated May. 22, 2017 07:29


U.S. First lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump had an official schedule without wearing hijab during their visit to Saudi Arabia with U.S. President Donald Trump. Hijab is veil or headscarf worn by Saudi women to hide their head and face and they are required to wear according to the kingdom’s dress code for women.

Former first lady Michelle Obama refused to wear hijab when she accompanied Barack Obama on a visit to the kingdom in 2015. Back then Trump blamed Michelle by saying that she insulted Saudis but he said nothing about Melania this time for making the same choice.

The Guardian reported on Saturday that first lady made her public appearance dressed in long black pants. She usually wears tight fitting dresses. However, she wore loose pants that hid her shape. Trump’s daughter Ivanka also wore a black full length dress. The Guardian said that their outfits that reminded "abaya," loose black robe that Muslim women wear, were conforming to the strict dress code of Saudi Arabia that enforces for its female citizens, although they did not wear hijab.

Under the kingdom’s strict dress code, women are required to wear abaya and hijab. However, exceptions are allowed for foreigners. Michelle Obama wore a blue long top and black pants with no hijab when she visited Saudi Arabia in 2015. “Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia," Trump had criticized her outfit at that time.

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