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Pres. Moon nominees Kim Dong-yun as deputy PM for economy

Pres. Moon nominees Kim Dong-yun as deputy PM for economy

Posted May. 22, 2017 07:22,   

Updated May. 22, 2017 07:29

President Moon Jae-in nominated Ajou University President Kim Dong-yun for the first deputy prime minister for economy on Sunday.

“The new administration’s most important state agenda is to overcome the crisis at the earliest date and create jobs and economic vitality,” President Moon said in a briefing on his appointment of his senior aides and nomination of candidates for his Cabinet on the day.

“I considered more than anything comprehensive capability to manage a crisis and robust capacity to push for agendas in nominating Kim as the economic commander," the president said. “I have no personal relationship with Kim, but he is expected to better sympathize people's hardships than anyone else because he was the breadwinner of his family when young in the Cheonggyecheon slum area (in Seoul).”

President Moon also appointed Chung Ui-yong, chief of the presidential office’s foreign affairs and national security taskforce, as the head the National Security Office, and Korea University Professor Jang Ha-sung as new chief of staff for policy. As Moon has completed the appointment of senior presidential secretaries, the lineup of senior presidential secretaries has been formed.

“Professor Jang is the most qualified person who will transform the paradigm focused on chaebol and conglomerates into the one that is centered on people and small- and medium-sized companies,” Moon said. On the reason he picked Chung as the head of the National Security Office, Moon said, “The most critical virtue in addressing the problem in which national security, diplomacy and economy are intertwined is strong sense of security and diplomatic ability."

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