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Will Ford’s cot simulating car journey put babies to sleep?

Will Ford’s cot simulating car journey put babies to sleep?

Posted April. 11, 2017 07:13,   

Updated April. 11, 2017 07:22


There is a saying that car journeys put babies to sleep. Many parents have experience to drive around their neighborhoods with their baby at night. CNN Money reported on Sunday that Ford Motor Company recently developed a car simulating cradle for sleep-deprived parents.

The Max Motor Dreams almost looks like a regular cot. However, engine noise heard from the speaker and subtle movement of bed floor make babies to feel they are in a car on the move. Also, LED lights installed on the edge of the cradle continues to be turned on and off, imitating the gentle glow of streetlights outside the car window.

Experts believe that repetitive movements and white noise (to the level of not being disturbed) create a similar environment of mother’s womb. It means that babies feel safer and more easily fall asleep with certain vibrations and noise, than they are in a complete silence.

Ford’s car simulating cradle is not for sale and it is created as a gift for customers who purchase Ford’s vehicles. Ford says that the company considers to manufacturing the cot with the unexpected popularity if there is a growing demand for the product.

Su-Yeon Kim sykim@donga.com