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Government Officials Suspected of Helping JMS Head

Posted October. 18, 2006 03:02,   


It was reported on October 17 that a staff member of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) was fired for handing over personal information to the head of JMS, Jeong Myeong-seok. A written inquiry was conducted by prosecutors when a prosecutor in actual service was accused of revealing the contents of the investigation to Jeong.

Legislation & Judiciary Committee member Seon Byeong-ryeol (Uri Party) said it was revealed in the inspection of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office that the NIS found out that its staff member Yun handed over data on Kim, a member of a group against JMS, to Jeong and asked prosecutors to investigate after firing him.

Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office Chief Lim Chae-jin confirmed it, saying, “I know. We summoned and investigated Yun.”

Seon also added, “Prosecutor A of Seoul North District Prosecutor’s Office was accused of revealing to Jeong the contents of the current investigation and how to respond to it.”

According to the data presented by Seon, nine charges and accusations related to Jeong’s case have been received by prosecutors since 1999, including four cases to the Seoul Central District, one case to the Seoul West District, three cases to the Daejeon District, and one case to the Busan District. Jeong is known to be staying in China.

Lim said, “A written inquiry was conducted about prosecutor A. We will decide on whether to summon him after collecting more evidence by investigating a few more people related to the case.”

A source working with Seon explained, “The group against JMS argues that Yun and prosecutor A are members of JMS, but it is not confirmed.”

Prosecutor A said on a phone interview with this paper, “Anything argued by Seon is not true.”