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Korean Pop Culture’s Impact on China

Posted September. 26, 2006 07:02,   


The China-Korea Economy Development Association has released a new top-ten list. The new pop star rate is based on internet polls and telephone research along with reference data from internet portal engines including Xin lang and Sou hu.

The association also held an awards ceremony in Renmin Grand Hall in Beijing in the afternoon of September 24 for honoring the winners across eight categories and twenty-five sub-categories.

The study revealed that the top-ten pop stars among Korean pop culture buffs, so called Haohanju, are Rain, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Lee Jun-gi, Song Hye-gyo, Jang Na-ra, Bae Yong-jun, Lee Young-ae, Jang Dong-gun and BOA.

As for the most respected business people within the top ten, Chung Mong-joon, Lee Kun-hee, Park Sam-gu, Yoon Jong-ryong, Kim Ssang-soo, Lee Su-man, Liu Yun, Roh Jae-man, Woo Nam-gyun, and Park Geun-hee are mentioned.

Lee Chang-ho, Lee Seh-dol, Cho Hun-hyeon, Ahn Jeong-hwan, Lee Cheon-soo, Choi Cheol-han, Yoo Chang-hyeok, Yoo Seung-min and Park Young-hun are singled out as the most popular Korean sports stars in China. Chinese people like soccer and Baduk, the Korean stone checkers, so much that they disproportionately picked up six of Baduk players and three soccer stars. Presumably, Yoo Seung-min is named because he is well known in China as a table tennis winner of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, defeating Wang Hao, China’s promising ping-pong player.

In terms of top-ten symbolic words, Chinese people associate Korea with Korean soap operas, patriotism, Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, Bulgoggi, the Korean roast beef, plastic surgery, idol group singers, Seoul, Korean dishes, Kimchi, and the movie ‘My Sassy Girl.’

The most beloved or respected Korean companies in China are found to be Hyundai-Kia Motors, Samsung Electronics, LG Group, SK Group, AmorePacific, Kumho-Asiana Group, Korean Air, Lotte Group, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), and SM Entertainment.

Bae Yong-jun, Lee Jun-gi, Kim Jeong-hun, Kang Ji-hwan and Song Seung-heon are the hottest Korean actors, while Jang Seo-hui, Song Yoon-a, Lee Da-hae, Choi Ji-woo, and Yang Mi-gyeong are the most popular Korean actresses in china.

The most popular songs are ‘Hope’ by H.O.T and ‘Rising Sun’ by TongVangXinQui, ‘Once in a life time’ by Shinhwa, and ‘It’s raining’ by Rain.

“Ahead of the Year of Sino-Korea Cultural Exchange’ scheduled around next year, the study is to provide useful references to prepare for the event in detail especially to choose the best items for cultural exchange. I hope the two countries will establish closer cultural ties across the board,” said, Zhang Hai Yong, vice chairman of the China-Korea Economy Development Association, the host of the ceremony and the research.