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Korean researchers develop worlds’ first high-resolution CCTV

Korean researchers develop worlds’ first high-resolution CCTV

Posted June. 03, 2015 07:22,   


Korean researchers have developed the world’s first high-resolution CCTV system, which clearly shows people`s faces recorded at the distance of 60m. The system, which was disclosed on Tuesday by Security Recognition Technology Research Laboratory at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), interworks with three cameras to monitor an area, which is 64 times larger at maximum than the area covered by existing surveillance system. As the cameras are able to record 30 people’s faces per minute, the new CCTV system is expected to provide great assistance when chasing a criminal suspect or performing crime prevention activities.

The existing security CCTV is not equipped with zoom-in function. Recorded faces can be recognized only when the faces were captured within 7.2 meter distance in radius due to the low resolution. Still, CCTVs with that resolution (7.2-meter distance level) account for only 30 percent of the entire surveillance videos installed across the nation. The maximum distance which allows users to recognize recorded faces is only 2.7 meters for 70 percent of CCTVs in Korea.

The researchers created the new CCTV system combining a thermal infrared camera that can perceive 34-37 degrees in Celsius, which is equivalent to human body temperature, a camera that can film wide areas at a 45 degree angle, and another camera that can zoom in up to thirty times. While the surveillance system monitors a wide area, if the infrared camera recognizes moving human body, the third camera zooms in and films the moving person’s face.

This system consists of three cameras and a computer to process and transmit recorded data. Installation cost per one unit (100 million won, or approx. USD 89,700) is higher than the existing system (30 million won per unit, or approx. USD 26,910). But the new CCTV system does not require to have a data processing system in the master control room. As the new system covers wide areas, it is not necessary to install CCTVs every seven or eight meters, which makes the overall installation cost lower than that of existing CCTVs.