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Pres. Park: `Comfort women, human right Issue of women`

Posted July. 26, 2014 01:51,   


President Park Geun-hye met Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe at the Blue House on Friday and said, “Military (Japanese wartime military) comfort women issue is not merely bilateral one between Japan and Korea, but an issue with general human rights of women. The issue is expected to be resolved by sincere efforts (of Japan).” Park made clear that the first step to improve bilateral relations is the Japanese government’s responsible act on the comfort women.

“Improper statements by (Japanese) politicians add to the difficulties in bilateral relations and widens the emotional gap between the public of two nations,” Park told Masuzoe. “It is hard to build up relations based on sincere trust without correct historical perspective as the foundation,” added Park.

Masuzoe said, “Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told me to convey his will to ‘make efforts to improve the strained bilateral relations.’” It has been 17 months since President Park met with Japanese politicians in Korea, at her inauguration in February last year.

President Park also requested, “Anti-Korea demonstrations by some Japanese activist groups might hurt feelings of Korean people and can taint Japan’s reputation in the international community. Japanese government is required to set up measures so that livelihoods and safety of Korean residents in Japan will not be threatened.” Masuzoe said, “It is a very shameful act for some Japanese groups to express hatred (toward Koreans). Japanese government plans to launch a ‘Human Right Week’ campaign this fall to enhance human right recognition among the public.”