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Posted December. 07, 2006 07:04,   


“I like humanity movies like ‘Mint Candy’ or ‘Green Fish’ more than fantasy. Yet, I thought acting only in such films is not right,” said Korean actor Jung Woo-sung.

“I feel overburdened when people say I look like a machine or I am inhumane. Actually, I am extravagant. I think the woman in the Cyon commercial or the heroin Sohwa in movie Joongchun is who I am: naïve and innocent,” said Korean actress Kim Tae-hee.

What kind of fantasy would they have toward each other not as a colleague but as a man and a woman? Kim waved her hand for objection.

Kim said “I thought ‘he is very handsome but he is still a human being.’ We stayed at the same hotel in China, ate together, and looked at each other in untidy shape in the morning. I think he is very gentle. He gave me a piece of advice saying ‘do not calculate when acting.’”

Joongchun (or midheaven) is a place where spirits wait for rebirth for 49 days. The movie is a love story of Sohwa (Kim Tae-hee), a heavenly man who supervises midheaven, and warrior Lee Gwak (Jung Woo-sung). The film was shot in China with a production cost of some 10 billion won.

It was the first time Kim has played a heroine in a movie. “I would rather think positively than be obsessed with criticism of my acting ability,” she says.

With a few days to go to the release of the movie, Jung looked nervous. He seems to be committed to melodramatic roles like he played in “A Moment to Remember”; “Sad Movie”; and “Daisy.”

“Well, I have to act befitting my thirty-something age now. There are many tall, handsome and young actors, but it doesn’t bother me. I cannot stop being handsome. I want to be freer and more relaxed.”

The pair laughed, saying, “We are thinking positively. We rarely have a sense of inferiority or grief.” Are they serious? It seemed not for Kim, who underwent a scandal recently. Kim said “When I come to Korea and hear such rumors, I think, ‘forget it. I will go back to China.’ And I try to forget about them.”

“When I was young, I wore tight pants and beat up others. Yet I had a sense of inferiority. I always ran home after kindergarten after wanting to beat my friend, who was popular.”

Jung said “Did you have a sense of inferiority at that young age? You were mature,” while wrapping up the interview.

“While shooting the movie, I stayed in the midworld between heaven and hell, and I now prefer this world. I hope the movie is a success, but I want to be in this world.”