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Airport Flag Used to Represent Korea

Posted September. 25, 2006 07:04,   


It was belatedly discovered that Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook, who visited Libya on September 19 and 20, inspected the honor guards while a faulty Taegeukgi (the national flag of Korea) was flying at the Mitiga Airport, Lybia.

It turned out that the Korean Embassy in Libya knew of this but neglected to take measures.

The Taegeukgi raised on the reviewing stand of the airport was made by Libya and is a crude flag, similar to the original only in the approximate placing of the Cheong and Hong (blue and red) and Palgwae (the black lines) and differing in the size and proportion of the flag, the size of the Taegeuk symbol, and the proportion and spacing of the Palgwe.

The horizontal-vertical proportion of the Taegeukgi is 3:2, the radius of the Taegeuk symbol half of the vertical length and the distance between the lines of the Palgwae 1/24 of the radius of the circle.

However, the Taegeukgi made by Libya is too long horizontally and the Taegeuk mark is too large. The outline of the Taegeuk symbol and the lines in the Palgwae are crooked as if they were drawn without using a ruler.

An official of the Office of Prime Minister said, “The Korean Embassy in Libya had provided a proper Taegeukgi earlier on, but it was pointed out on the part of Libya that it was larger than the flag of Libya, and therefore unusable. The Taegeukgi hanging in the airport is one that was drawn by hand on the part of Libya.”

However, considering the fact that Taegeukgis of various sizes are available in Korea, it can be said that the measures of the Korean Embassy in Libya were negligent.

The official of the Prime Minister’s office said, “The Korean Embassy should have provided a smaller flag or at least participated in the process of making a new flag after their original flag was rejected. It was embarrassing to see Prime Minister Han inspect the honor guards while a flag that looked like children had drawn was flying.”