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[Opinion] Kim Soo-hyun’s Power

Posted January. 05, 2004 22:53,   


“Doesn’t this strong argument make Kim Hee-ae embarrassing again?” The dispute among netizens over the SBS drama “Perfect Love,” which is finished last year is getting bigger. It’s a so-called “meta dispute” and drama writer Kim Soo-hyun is at the center of it. She opened fire by saying, “The prize which is not given to the right one is just trash,” when Kim Hee-ae didn’t get the Best Acting Prize at the SBS Acting Award Ceremony. Some people criticized her saying that’s a selfish view since the writer appealed. However, famous Kim Soo-hyun came out in the quarrel, and therefore this “meta dispute” has a big influence.

Only a few people may be able to disagree that Kim Hee-ae gave a perfect performance. Her own acting combined with Kim Soo-hyun’s magical language shined brightly, especially in the scene when she told her husband, “Thank you for you… to love me. I love you… We will see again… and live together,” possessing love, appreciation, sorrow and grief all together. Unlike actresses who don’t erase their thick make-up even in a sleeping scene for the sake of their look, she did act and look like a real patient and thin figure. It is heard that even a middle-aged man who only watched the macho drama “The Age of Solider” so fell into her acting that took care of his wife’s health.

This is the first time that Kim Hee-ae, who started her career in her teens, and already seemed to become an old woman at her 20’s, appears in Kim Soo-hyun’s drama. It means that Kim Hee-ae hasn’t yet joined the Kim Soo-hyun Corporation, which is made up of actors and actresses who have appeared in her drama two or more times. It is quite obvious that actors and actresses really hope to enter the corporation since she brought out a syndrome in all her work and has made them stars. It’s the reason why Kim Soo-hyun’s power is so strong as a head of broadcasting.

The core of her power is her competitiveness. She has the view and subjectivity of an omniscient and omnipotent writer, just as she knows what a life is and what a human being is. She is aware of the unique psychological structure of Koreans and has a way of elevating program ratings. She also has a foresight that can pick the right person to play a character. Only there are big fans of her and not such big fans. A capable man’s power is not hopeless even if it is sometimes disgusting. It’s like a difference between a new shaman and brilliant shaman.

Editorial writer Kim Soon-deok, yuri@donga.com