Lim Eung Sik (Chairman), Chung Do Sun, Chung In Sung, Ahn Woul San, Lim Suk Jae,
Lee Kun-Chung, Kim Chong-Young, Lee Hyeung-Rok, Han Young Soo

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Free China, West Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan,
The Philippines, Singapore, Rep. Of South Africa, South Vietnam.

TOTAL ENTRIES     1097 pieces of work

SELECTED PHOTOS     151 pieces of work

Prize Color Print
Gold : "Schavaleresk"ㅣHorst WolfsheimㅣWest Germany
Silver : "Coquette"ㅣPiero MaseraㅣItaly
Silver : "Pairs"ㅣLee Sang YongㅣKorea
Bronze : "Jugend"ㅣW. HenglㅣAustria
Bronze : "Besucher"ㅣHorst WolfasheimㅣWest Germany
Bronze : "Ardent Performance"ㅣYang In KiㅣKorea
Bronze : "Dachziegeln"ㅣGert StephanㅣWest Germany
Bronze : "Skurrile Blutten"ㅣHermann BergmannㅣWest Germany

Prize Monochrome Print
Gold : "Mother and Child"ㅣHari KrishanㅣIndia
Silver : "After Snow"ㅣHan Yong SooㅣKorea
Silver : "Verlie βt"ㅣW. HenglㅣAustria
Bronze : "Abgewandt"ㅣDieter PeschelㅣWest Germany
Bronze : "Man in de sneuw"ㅣG. VanderhaeghenㅣBelgium
Bronze : "Fog"ㅣOreste CavalloㅣItaly
Bronze : "A gust of wind"ㅣYou Kyung AㅣKorea
Bronze : "Morning in the prairie"ㅣChoi Byoung OhㅣKorea

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