1. The Salon is open to all. Collective entries, such as club entries, will be welcome.

2. Each individual entrant can send a maximum of 4 prints.
    MONOCHROME and/or COLOUR of any photographic medium.
    Each club is allowed a maximum of 20 prints and club entries should be accompanied by a list.

3. Prints should be unmounted, their dimensions should not be less than 30cm and not exeed 45cm
    (11-14 inches).

4. The auther's name and address, title and srerial number conform with that of the entry form should
    appear in block letters on the back of each print.

5. There is no fee for entry.

6. Prints should be carefully packaged and marked Photographic Prints For Exhibition Only/Of no
    Commercial Value/To be Returned To Sender.
    Besides it is essential that prints be sent as "Printed Matter" mail.

7. Utmost care will be taken of all prints submitted, but no responsibility will be assumed for loss or
    damage while in transit or during the exhibition.

8. Permission for the reproduction of any print submitted is assumed, unless the Photographer
    specifies otherwise.

9. Submission of entry implies acceptance of these conditions.

10. All correspondences and prints should be addressed to:
     The Korea International Salon of Photography P.O.Box 307, Kwang Hwa Moon, Seoul, Korea.

11. All entries should reach the above address not latter than January 8th 2001.

12. Each author will receive the catalogue.
     Organized by Dong-A Ilbo (Dong-A Daily News)

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